Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend Vigil w/Code Pink at the White House May 9th and 10th 2009

With the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States we were optimistic that there would be a obvious departure from the policies of the Bush Administration. While our new leader is a glorious orator and truly dedicated to presenting a new face for the United States we find our deepest, most sacred covenants sadly neglected. The most pressing of course, at the heart of Breasts Not Bombs, is the safety and well being of women and children in this world. If you closely examine the trickle down effect of; home foreclosures, job loss, continuing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza and many countries in Africa you will see that Women and children bare the brunt, the devastation, and terror of ongoing violence.
Just tonight we witnessed President Obama speaking with the president of both Afghanistan and Pakistan and his rhetoric was eerily reminiscent of the Bush Administration in relation to "rooting out terrorism" and defeating "Al Queda" I don't know about you, but I am severely tired of hearing the same repetitive jargon and proven failure in foreign policy as we've had over the last umpteen years. It is time for the leader of this nation to stand up and say. WE MUST PROTECT THE FAMILIES! We will redirect all our resources into true security. This has nothing to do with the Pentagon, Boeing, XE (formerly Blackwater) Halliburton, or Guantanamo. It has everything to do with Hospitals, medicine, education, housing, and food. It is apparent to so many of us in the peace movement that we are falling deeper into the abyss of endless war.
The members of Breasts Not Bombs cannot spend this Mother's Day sleeping late and enjoying breakfast in bed provided by our well-meaning and beautiful children. We cannot ooh and aah over a box of chocolates or a new shirt. We are in constant empathy, sympathy and agony of what is happening to the mothers of the world. We cannot abide more of our children being sacrificed to this insatiable war machine. As Julia Ward Howe said, the first Proclamation for Mother's Day,
"Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn
All that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience."
"Disarm, Disarm!!!!"
We will not sleep late. We will stay up all through the night until somebody in the White House gets the message. Can't you see the first Lady coming out on lawn to find out why on earth we would go to such extreme to be heard?

We believe that in baring our breasts we reveal the truth of our privileged existence, that we mothers are the source and sustenance of life. We must shift our attention, respect and motivation to that order, if we are to survive. It is the mother's milk that will save us. Let us feed, nurture,adore and elevate the women of the world to their natural sovereignty. See what paradise awaits.

In the meantime we are subject to gross indecencies I say. Whether it be permanent states of war, looting of our Global Treasuries, Bailing out Multi-National corporations, turning a blind eye to hatred and persecution of Gay,Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered people of the world. We will bare witness to these atrocities.

We ask you to join us and Code Pink either at the White House on Mother's Day Weekend or in actions around the country to stand up for Women and Children and the most vulnerable communities while there is still time.

Please, do what you can. Take the Mothers Day pledge! Go to these sites for more information
and thank you for doing the breast that you can.

Mother's Day for Peace Website:

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Breasts Not Bombs milks the CHP for false arrest and violation of Freedom of Speech


A Sacramento County Superior Court Judge ruled on Thursday, August 28, 2008, that Breasts Not Bombs anti-war activists, Sheba Love and Sherry Glaser, were unlawfully arrested by the California Highway Patrol when they protested topless at a 2005 peace demonstration on the Capitol steps in Sacramento. The court found that the protest was protected speech under the California Constitution and that the women were engaging in symbolic speech and not acting in a lewd or lascivious manner.

The anti-war protesters, men and women, had gathered on November 8, 2005, on the eve of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's special election. Breasts Not Bombs co-founders, Love and Glaser, in a definitive political act, removed their shirts and were completely topless at the protest. Officers of the California Highway Patrol immediately arrested the women for indecent exposure and committing a lewd act in a public place. If convicted, the women faced registering as sex offenders. Many of the protesters, including Love and Glaser, carried banners and signs expressing the difference between the natural decency of a woman's naked breasts, representing peace and the survival of the human race on one hand, and war, on the other. Their act and its attendant life-giving message was designed to sharply contrast with the obscenity of war, torture, invasion of privacy and other issues that protesters found were “indecent” on the pending ballot.

Breasts Not Bombs activists had previously staged bare-breasted peace demonstrations in other cities including San Francisco and Washington D.C. In front of the White House and had never been arrested. In fact, male members of the group were allowed to remove their shirts with no consequences as were other women who were told that if they had their aureoles covered they would not risk arrest. The CHP unsuccessfully argued that if female activists removed their tops it would disrupt business, offend children having lunch nearby as well as stimulate sex offenders recently released from custody who apparently frequent the Capitol grounds.

Judge Loren McMaster's decision was primer on free speech rights and repudiated the actions of the CHP and defendant Lt. Stallman who played a key role in setting up the arrest. Addressing the CHP's issuance of the permit to the group that had included restrictions on protesting topless, he noted that “The authority to grant permits does not include the authority to bar protected symbolic speech. California Constitution, Art. I, sec. 2” The court added, that “Here, the permit restriction's intent was to prevent plaintiff's from conveying their particular message. It was not narrowly tailored to serve a significant government interest.” This was clear from the “Defendants rejection of a proposal by plaintiff's counsel that the demonstration occur in a tent.”

Glaser and Love were booked and detained at Sacramento County jail overnight and release the next day. The charges were then dismissed by the County district attorney. Yesterday, February 17th, Glaser, Love and their attorney received payment for damages.
A copy of the decision can be obtained from the Law Offices of Matthew Kumin

870 Market Street. Suite 1128 San Francisco, CA 94102

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Breast Is Yet To Come

Our trip to D.C. was mighty satisfying. Although our action at the White House was delayed until Friday we had a very good experience. We were joined by some very courageous Code Pink Women who had been extremely busy the past week reminding the Senate and the House of their responsibilities to uphold the Constitution, hold High Placed officials responsible for the carnage and destruction of Iraq and provide for the vulnerable people in the United States. It's not an easy job for Code Pink, but somebody's got to do it. Friday, about 2pm 5 Code Pink sisters and Sheba and I showed up in Lafayette Park and got a good place in the shade (It was about 80 degrees and very muggy) We got out our banners and signs and I got on the soapbox and began speaking about the Warmongers run amok. We took off our shirts. At first the Code Pink Women were shy to disrobe, but something came over them and soon they were bare breasted as well. We stood in protest and handed out our literature which includes an explanation of our action and a copy of The Bill of Rights. There were a good number of tourists and for a while they had their backs to the White House and Cameras on us. The Capitol Police stopped by and asked me to get off the Soapbox for a minute. I assume it was because the officer was eye level with my nipple and that just was too much. I proceeded to have a conversation with him, still bare breasted, as he confirmed my LEGAL RIGHT, to demonstrate in this manner. He was concerned about the contents of our Soapbox, so he did a quick sweep of the contents and then left us to protest.
Many passersby were supportive and actually tickled by our presence. There were a lot of smiles and thumbs up and of course there were those who were offended, but didn't stop long enough to have a conversation and find common ground. I notice that those who agree with us stay and talk, those who don't run off, cursing or yelling as they go. I also have noticed that those who flash a peace sign at any of our demonstrations are usually smiling, but the one's who give us the finger are mostly miserable. I wonder if there is a correlation.
After about an hour. We were ready to close up shop, when the major media appeared.
Funny, we hadn't sent out a press release, but Fox, CNN, AP and Reuters all were present. Gosh, I wonder what brought them out???
We spoke for a while with reporters. All the women from Code Pink were eloquent in there representation.
The next day was the Troops out Now March around the Capitol. Again Sheba and I exercised our right to Bare Breasts and walked with about 2,000 people to bring attention to the OUTRAGEOUS INDECENCIES OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION. We have created a much stronger network of women willing to go to this NON-Violent extreme to make our voices heard. So we will be back in Washington real soon.

Tomorrow...October 3rd we will be speaking with Gary Lewis from the Ebony and Ivory Show broadcast out of New York City to discuss our tactics and reasons for making this highly controversial stand. Tune in between 2 and 5PM East Coast Time

Here are the photo links from the media.

Uncensored Photo:

Censored Photos:,4644,2406,00.html#5_0;_ylt=Ahx7Ru3AarIUeRPM9TlHJphsaMYA


Monday, September 24, 2007

Breasts Not Bombs returns to confront the Boobs in the White House

Photo by Diedre Lamb

After a year of contemplation and just a few demonstrations of B's not B's,(March on the Pentagon last Spring, at 32 degrees we only lasted five minutes)
My wife and I are about to embark on yet another journey East to Washington DC to bring special attention to the maddening political crisis that we find ourselves in. From a criminal Executive Branch (including Cheney) to a shifty judicial branch to impotent Democrats to erectile dysfunction of Republicans to permanent war, to Global Warming, Our response is Breasts Not Bombs. We will be demonstrating for two days in front of the White House starting Thursday the 27th. We will stand bare breasted to bare witness to the unbearable sorrow of the world, much of it brought to you by the Bush Regime and their Sponsors. From Bechtel, to Halliburton, to At&T to General Electric, to the FDA, Exxon, Chevron, Coca Cola, Eli Lilly, Merck, Archer Midland Daniels, Blackwater, Custor Battles, etc, etc, etc, etc. We will reveal our most vulnerable, flesh, our humblest selves. We choose to be in solidarity with the billions of women and children who are in peril from the ongoing violence, that in some places never stops. The oppression of women is a worldwide epidemic, from war, to poverty, disease, to rape, to sex trade; women and children are in danger. We stand for women who cannot speak out, perhaps shackled by oppressive religion, or shame. We will exercise our freedom to the fullest extent in the name of their freedom and safety, We call for their liberation into a world that holds them in the highest esteem. As they, being Women, are the creators of life.
Though some critics may say that we are acting inappropriately, indecently, immorally, we say that it is our right, guaranteed by the constitution to express free speech, using our bodies as signs and symbols as long as we pose no danger. We believe that breasts symbolize the most non-violent representation of the world at peace. Our breasts never hurt anyone and never will. The juvenile response of the police, media and socially retarded audiences are other reasons to restore respect and protection to women. In our effort to create a safe haven we bare our breasts, this is a simple way to bluntly explain our vulnerability. This action is simple and lends itself to easy participation., It does not exclude any woman because of age, size, color, economics. Every woman has breasts. Even if they have been removed because of cancer, that scar points another finger toward the environmental violence, toxicity and cosmetic attacks on our bodies. Our world is completely out of balance, the masculine has dominated our global consciousness since the beginning, at least the beginning according to the Bible.
But before that, maybe three thousand years before that, the culture of the mother was supreme and life revered and Her breasts were her glory and her temple. It is not merely our request for the Troops to Come Home Now!, or the Impeachment of Bush and Cheney for war crimes, it is the demand for a shift in the paradigm. We want to bring safety to every woman and child. because our entire existence is at stake and a shift to insure or at least prioritize the safety of women and children will tip the balance,and will bring the earth back to balance as well, it will be a natural outcome. We invite women to join us. and the men who mean well may take off their shirts. Please don't ask us about full nudity. We are not interested in exposing genitalia, that is a whole other ball game. We intend only to use our breasts to symbolize what peace is. Baring our breasts is a peace demonstration. . This is not indecent exposure. This is life.

As an added bonus to our trip to D.C. I will be performing my One Woman Show - The BrEaST of Sherry Glaser on Thursday night as a benefit for the Washington Peace Center. Here's the info.

WHEN: Thursday, September 27, 2007 10:30pm (note late show)
WHERE: Warehouse Theater 1021 7th St., NW (Mt. Vernon Sq./Convention Center METRO-Green/Yellow)
WHY: A Peace Thru Comedy! Benefit for the Washington Peace Center
CAVEAT: ** for mature audiences only **
COST: $10 in advance (more at the door) [call to inquire for special rates--no one turned away for lack of $]

Monday, November 20, 2006

Beauty and the Breast

A couple of weeks ago Breasts Not Bombs staged a demonstration outside the Military recruitment center in Ukiah, California because we feel that office is the first introduction to our young men and women as to what it means to be a soldier. We need to find the root cause and address the aberrant and excessive violence that has led our military to commit war crimes like rape and murder. Though there were ten of us on the street that day, we opted not to take our shirts off. We blamed it on the weather and well, it was a major street and we had concern about traffic. But, the truth is I was afraid. Afraid to bare my breasts to again be subject to judgement and ridicule for my outrageous behavior and my bountiful bosom. Although it was a spirited and well supported action, it felt disappointing. We even took the opportunity to go into the recruitment office and converse with the Sergeant in charge. Sgt. Hemphill could not take responsibility for the troops run amok or even point me in the direction of those who might be responsible, besides a "few bad apples." it felt like we built a bridge. He could see our humanity and we could see his. We were civil, kind and very calm. But, inside I'm bursting with terrible rage and sorrow. It's so strong that I feel compelled to tear off my shirt, pull out my hair and weep. Yes, it's dramatic, but it feels like this really is an emergency. I ask you, why is so unacceptable to bare my breasts? Why does the public at large have such a defintive and immediate reaction to women's flesh, but the death of 2,900 American Soldiers and upwards of 200,000 Iraqi's elecits little response? Every day that our government debates and hem and haws there are REAL PEOPLE being violently killed.
What keeps me under wraps is also the simple size of my breasts, how they look. They are enormous, yes. It feels like I am carrying the sorrow of the world right under my nose. I wonder if so much of the breast cancer we are seeing is the unexpressed grief of this world. I dream of weeping, bare breasted with a million other women on the White House Lawn. I long for a world wide weep. Why are women kept under such restraint? What is so scary about our breasts? Last week a young mother named Emily Gillette, flew on Delta Airlines out of Burlington Vermont. She began to nurse her child before take off. The flight attendant was so deeply offended she brought the woman a blanket to cover her breasts, which would then include the baby's head. The woman refused and she was ordered, with her family, off the plane. Was she a threat somehow to the other passengers? Is she a terrorist? As a response 30 or so new mothers came to the Airport and had a nurse in. There was a beautiful photo in the paper with the happy babes tucked sweetly into their mother's laps enjoying the elixer of life. What could be more comforting? What is more representative of peace?
Then, I see on the front page yesterday that the FDA had lifted the ban on silicone implants. This seems like a subtle form of terrorism to me. Yes, ladies though we are offended by the nature of your mammaries, if you want to enhance them with our handy dandy little picker upper, then step right up. The FDA seems to ignore that Dow Corning Corporation paid out 3.2 billion dollars in a class action for women who suffered awful diseases as a result of leaky silicone. They've endured cancer, autoimmune diseases, pain and discomfort of all kinds. Still they reapprove this mysogynist product that serves the idea that without perfect breasts women are worthless, ugly, unlovable, nothing. We are still being brainwashed to believe that everyone's tits look like Brittany spears. We are all never been nursed upon 36 B's. This lie is dangerous. It puts our lives in jeopardy. If a woman loses her breasts to cancer, can we not see the beauty in the scars? Can we spend the money that we will spend on "enhancement" to get to the source of this epidemic? Can we empower women to love their bodies as they are or are we all sentenced to anorexia, diet pills, and silicone?
We are different. My mother says that the body is the physical expression of the soul. When it comes to illness the soul is communicating that something is wrong and it needs our attention We could pay attention to the messages of our bodies and avoid alot of expensive pain and suffering.
Imagine women of all sizes, shapes and configurations safe to be bare breasted, without judgement, no grand prize just to be. I've been in circles like that at women's gathering's and the comfort is indescribable. It's the truth, we are flesh and we all have stories to tell and they are written on our bodies. I believe it is in our breast that life sustains. And the threat to our bodies, particulary our breasts, is real and constant, The simple act of eating seafood involves the risk of infecting our breast's milk. This is serious folks. Its the root of destruction. We must revive and recover the mother. With a simple shift in focus to the mother and child all other things would fall into place. The naked truth that we are human and dependant on the mother, (earth) is really what matters. I would love to capture the imagination and courage of women. But there is a shame that keeps us in our place it dominates. So I will muster my courage, bare my breasts and bring this dialogue to the table so we can at least have the conversation. It's a matter of life.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

To all our Bosom Buddies

We are excited to announce

Attorneys for the Plaintiffs Sherry Glaser and Sheba Love filed
a lawsuit ON NOVEMBER 9, 2006 in SACRAMENTO COUNTY Superior Court against THE California Highway Patrol, its COMMISSIONER MIKE BROWN and other CHP officers for false arrest and violations of the Plaintiffs civil rights.

It is the first year anniversary of the Breasts Not Bombs demonstration on the Steps of the State Capitol of California on election eve, 2005.
Breasts Not Bombs members Sherry Glaser and Sheba Love were arrested and detained for 8 and 12 hours, respectively, for baring their breasts in a political protest.
The activists were charged with indecent exposure. Conviction could have required them to register as sex offenders.
The California DA who reviewed the arrest never filed charges and instead concluded that the political act could not be misconstrued as lewd and lascivious because of the nature of the Protest.

Lead Council and Civil Rights attorney, Matthew Kumin filed the lawsuit with the plaintiff’s criminal defense attorney Michael Chastaine.

870 Market Street, Suite 1262
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tel: (415) 434-8454
Fax: (415) 434-8453


Fax: (916) 444-2768




3. Defendant CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL (CHP) is an arm of the State of California.
5. Defendant OFFICER TROY is and was, at the time of the incident, a CHP officer, acting under the color of law and in the course and scope of his employment for the Defendant CHP.
7. At all times mentioned here, DOES 1-30 were employees and agents for the Defendant CHP. These unidentified employees and agents are sued individually and in their capacities as police officers for the CHP. By engaging in the conduct described herein, the Defendant DOES acted under color of law and in the course and scope of their employment for Defendant CHP. By engaging in the conduct described herein, Defendant unidentified employees and agents exceeded the authority vested in them as employees of the CHP.
9.10.At all times mentioned, each named and DOE Defendant was the agent or employee of co-defendant CHP and BROWN and in doing the things alleged were acting within the course and scope of such agency or employment and with the actual and implied permission, consent, authorization, and approval of CHP and/or BROWN.

11. Defendant, CHP Officer TROY issued the group a permit which stated, “protest of this special election (ANY PERSON WHO EXPOSES PRIVATE PARTS IS SUBJECT TO ARREST FOR CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE SECTIONS 314 AND 647(a). This permit is immediately cancelled and also future requests for permits on state property.”
13. On November 7, 2005 BNB members, men and women, including plaintiffs, participated in political protest at the permitted time and location. During the protest, Plaintiffs SHERRY GLASER and SHEBA LOVE took off their clothing tops exposing their bare breasts.
15. Following the wrongful arrest, SHERRY GLASER and SHEBA LOVE were falsely imprisoned by DOE Officers and detained for twelve hours before being released.
17. As a proximate result of Defendants’ conduct, Plaintiffs suffered severe emotional and mental distress.
19. Plaintiffs were wrongfully arrested, depriving them of their liberty in violation of the law. The charges against them were eventually dropped. However, they paid thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees to fight the charges.
21. Plaintiffs found it necessary to engage the services of private counsel to vindicate their rights under law. Plaintiffs are therefore entitled to an award of all attorneys’ fees incurred in relation to this action for violation of his state civil right to be free from harassment due to the violation of the civil rights and due to the violations of their civil rights based on their gender.


(False Arrest and Imprisonment)

23. The Defendant officers named herein, without probable cause, detained Plaintiffs for violations which they did not commit. Defendants could not have reasonably believed that Plaintiffs committed such violations, particularly in light of the fact that the Sacramento County District County clearly deemed that the Plaintiffs actions were not in violation of California Penal Code Section 314 or 647(a).
26.As a proximate result of Defendants wrongful conduct, Plaintiffs suffered damages as set forth.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs pray for relief as set forth herein.
(Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress)

The conduct of the defendant officers, as set forth herein, was extreme and outrageous and beyond the scope of conduct which should be tolerated by citizens in a democratic and civilized society. The Defendants, acting under color of law, falsely arrested and imprisoned Plaintiffs for 12 hours. The Defendants’ actions humiliated Plaintiffs and created enormous frustration for them. Defendants’ decision to arrest peaceful political protesters despite their permit resulted from an unfounded animosity. Defendants deliberately arrested the Plaintiffs and did the aforementioned unnecessary detainment with the intent to inflict severe mental and emotional distress upon the Plaintiffs.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Breasts Not Bombs bares witness at the White House

If you are like me and you are informed by alternative news sources you may have moments of despair and hopelessness that may lead to depression, futility and general feelings of it doesn't matter what we do, we're doomed. The obscene and arrogant destruction of each other and the planet will go unchecked because no one has the power or energy to dismantle the corrupted systems of oppression. Even if we impeach Bush, then what? Even if we Indict Dick Cheney, then what? Our problems run through the blood streams and bones of this world. We need enormous global healing. That is what enticed me and four of my co-conspirators to run off to Camp Democracy this week. Yes, we are the ones who believe that love is stronger that fear. We are the ones who think music connects us all. We are the ones who see through the illusion into the possibilities that in some dimension we are already living the life we dream of. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

Camp Democracy was on the ellipse, tucked in the shadow of the Washington monument. It's canvas tents acted as a sanctuary for the memories of the dead and dying, and as a revelation of the corruption and the lying. Big bobble heads of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice sat on a table as though they had already been tried for war crimes and the executioner had had his day. Folks spent three weeks at Camp Democracy participating in non-violence workshops, listened to words of non-violent resistence from Ahrun Gandhi, Howard Zinn and Antonia Juhaz. Many went up to Capitol Hill to lobby for civil rights and Peace.

There were five women in our affinity group. A Pentagram. We came with the intention to entertain the folks who had been working for weeks to do something good for a change. I did some comedy and Diane Patterson debuted her new song, Camp Democracy for the weary workers. They were charmed, moved, happy that we had come. We were blessed to meet Peace Activists, Col. Ann Wright, Helga Aguayo, Iraqi War Vet Ellie Paintedcrow and many others. It was at Camp Democracy that we prepared for action. By the grace of the Goddess and a young man with a computer we were able to secure a large laminated STOP sign from Kinko's and fifty mini stop signs. We were going to do a "Stop Action" at the White House where we would hold up our signs and sing "Stop in the name of love before you break our hearts. Stop in the Name of Love before you break our hearts. Think it over." We did this action in solidarity with United for Peace and Justice and Code Pink.

On Thursday September 21st, which we now know as The International Day of Peace, we witnessed in Washington D.C. the signing of a declaration of Peace by religious leaders and anti-war activists that was to be delivered to George Bush. After all had signed the treaty they walked to the gates of the White House. Protesters were denied entrance, So,They sat down in an act of civil disobedience. It was then that I was given the honor of reading the names of the Iraqi dead while Lisa, a marine wife from Military Families Speak Out, read the names of the dead soldiers. After each name was spoken we would all say, "We remember". The names of the Iraqi's felt familiar in my mouth. The Arabic is close to Hebrew, the language I grew up hearing. I had about 25 pages in my hand and besides some of the names were the ages. Children; 2 years old, 5 years old, 10 years old, 6 months old,12 members of the Haseem Family, a man his wife and three children. It felt like Kadish, the Jewish Prayer for the dead. The recognition of genocide, punctured my heart. I could not read through my tears. I had to stop, take some rescue remedy, and breathe.

By this time the police were moving in to arrest the one's sitting down.
Those who chose not to be arrested were sent down the block to stand behind yellow police tape to simply witness and sing out about freedom and justice. When the bus left with our shackled comrades we peeled off our shirts and proceeded with our Breasts Not Bombs action. There is an amazing sense of Power to stand bare breasted in front of the white house. The Front door flew open and men stood with binoculars on the porch and the roof to gawk at us. There was no doubt they could also read the signs we held. War is indecent, Torture is indecent, War Profiteering is indecent.
A police officer came over to us and said, although it was our legal right to be topless, he wanted to remind us that there were children, families in the park. I said, hopefully all the children in the park had been breast fed, so they knew that breasts were about love, nourishment, and comfort and they would have nothing to be afraid of. But, as far as the snipers on top of the White House, well, maybe he should tell them to lay down their guns, because they were scaring the kids. At this point Medea Benjamin of Code Pink suggested he and I stand a bit closer together so she could get a better photo. The officer and his sidekick quickly dispersed. The crowd was amazed that the people who sat in silent dissent at the gate of the WH were arrested, while we stood half naked and were respected and enjoyed the right to protest. That was powerful.

From there we went to the capitol hill and visited Boxer and Feinstein's offices with suggestions on how to represent the good, kind, compassionate constituents of California. We demanded that Article Three of the Geneva Conventions remain International Law to be followed by the U.S. We demanded an immediate withdrawal of Troops from Iraq, We asked for a continued moratorium on oil drilling off California Coasts and we suggested that Both senators lead by example and drive alternative vehicles around the hill to show the country that they are aware of global warming and are taking bold steps to change our national consumption of fossil fuels.

Our final action took place on Friday morning, the beginning of Autumn equinox and a solar eclipse at 7:40 AM. As you may remember, the U.S. invaded Iraq on March 19th, the dawn of Spring. Those of us who live by the wheel of life, the turning of the seasons, see that as a high holy day and we chose to honor the equinox by using that potent time to call for the Fall, The fall of empire. Ten of us gathered at Lafayatte park at 7AM brooms in hand. We cast a circle, calling on the presence of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Above, below and in the center. We burned the sage to purify our hearts, minds and intentions and then set about the action of ritual. We honored our fear and gave it breath and turned it into energy. We spoke our righteous anger moved it through every organ in our bodies to cleanse the fire from our systems and reclaim our passion. We shared our sorrow for the terrible, inconceivable loss and grief that we are witnessing on so many levels. After each emotion we took our brooms and swept the ground around us to clear the circle and turn the wheel in revolution

Finally, in our heightened states of clarity, we got on our broomsticks and flew all around the lawns in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. weaving our webs of wisdom, hope, joy and peace around that symbol of power, the White House. Seeing each other riding around on broomsticks caused us to cackle deliriously and delighted the hundreds of tourists just getting off the busses. It was a story they would be sure to tell. Witches at the White House.

Each person who participated in this ancient rite and prayer felt deeply renewed to continue the grueling work that brings about a better world. For it is in the realms of miracles and magic that we dwell, using powers that ,while may not be obvious, have been used since time has been recorded. Ritual, sacred space, prayer, intention and the belief that peace will come at any moment and it doesn't matter from which direction, It only matters that in our invocation we are the change we want to see.