Monday, September 24, 2007

Breasts Not Bombs returns to confront the Boobs in the White House

Photo by Diedre Lamb

After a year of contemplation and just a few demonstrations of B's not B's,(March on the Pentagon last Spring, at 32 degrees we only lasted five minutes)
My wife and I are about to embark on yet another journey East to Washington DC to bring special attention to the maddening political crisis that we find ourselves in. From a criminal Executive Branch (including Cheney) to a shifty judicial branch to impotent Democrats to erectile dysfunction of Republicans to permanent war, to Global Warming, Our response is Breasts Not Bombs. We will be demonstrating for two days in front of the White House starting Thursday the 27th. We will stand bare breasted to bare witness to the unbearable sorrow of the world, much of it brought to you by the Bush Regime and their Sponsors. From Bechtel, to Halliburton, to At&T to General Electric, to the FDA, Exxon, Chevron, Coca Cola, Eli Lilly, Merck, Archer Midland Daniels, Blackwater, Custor Battles, etc, etc, etc, etc. We will reveal our most vulnerable, flesh, our humblest selves. We choose to be in solidarity with the billions of women and children who are in peril from the ongoing violence, that in some places never stops. The oppression of women is a worldwide epidemic, from war, to poverty, disease, to rape, to sex trade; women and children are in danger. We stand for women who cannot speak out, perhaps shackled by oppressive religion, or shame. We will exercise our freedom to the fullest extent in the name of their freedom and safety, We call for their liberation into a world that holds them in the highest esteem. As they, being Women, are the creators of life.
Though some critics may say that we are acting inappropriately, indecently, immorally, we say that it is our right, guaranteed by the constitution to express free speech, using our bodies as signs and symbols as long as we pose no danger. We believe that breasts symbolize the most non-violent representation of the world at peace. Our breasts never hurt anyone and never will. The juvenile response of the police, media and socially retarded audiences are other reasons to restore respect and protection to women. In our effort to create a safe haven we bare our breasts, this is a simple way to bluntly explain our vulnerability. This action is simple and lends itself to easy participation., It does not exclude any woman because of age, size, color, economics. Every woman has breasts. Even if they have been removed because of cancer, that scar points another finger toward the environmental violence, toxicity and cosmetic attacks on our bodies. Our world is completely out of balance, the masculine has dominated our global consciousness since the beginning, at least the beginning according to the Bible.
But before that, maybe three thousand years before that, the culture of the mother was supreme and life revered and Her breasts were her glory and her temple. It is not merely our request for the Troops to Come Home Now!, or the Impeachment of Bush and Cheney for war crimes, it is the demand for a shift in the paradigm. We want to bring safety to every woman and child. because our entire existence is at stake and a shift to insure or at least prioritize the safety of women and children will tip the balance,and will bring the earth back to balance as well, it will be a natural outcome. We invite women to join us. and the men who mean well may take off their shirts. Please don't ask us about full nudity. We are not interested in exposing genitalia, that is a whole other ball game. We intend only to use our breasts to symbolize what peace is. Baring our breasts is a peace demonstration. . This is not indecent exposure. This is life.

As an added bonus to our trip to D.C. I will be performing my One Woman Show - The BrEaST of Sherry Glaser on Thursday night as a benefit for the Washington Peace Center. Here's the info.

WHEN: Thursday, September 27, 2007 10:30pm (note late show)
WHERE: Warehouse Theater 1021 7th St., NW (Mt. Vernon Sq./Convention Center METRO-Green/Yellow)
WHY: A Peace Thru Comedy! Benefit for the Washington Peace Center
CAVEAT: ** for mature audiences only **
COST: $10 in advance (more at the door) [call to inquire for special rates--no one turned away for lack of $]


Blogger said...


We need to use boycotts to put pressure on the corporate friends of the Republican party. 20,000 women called Verizon the other day and FORCED Verizon to capitulate to them demanding an end to censoring NARALS pro choice text mesage in 2 HOURS! Can you help get 20,000 people to call these companies in 1 month? Invite your friends to join this important event to end the war and more.

If you like these actions please tell everyone of your friends.

Call GOP contributor and war contractor General Electric Corporation at 203 373 2211 and ask for the public relations department. Tell the person in public relations that you want the GE CEO to get Bush to end the war in Iraq and then Bush resign with Cheney and until that happens you will not buy any GE products and that you will tell your friends about this.

Call GOP contributor Rite Aid at 1-800-325-3737 and tell the person to get the CEO to get the GOP to enact HR 676 Single payer universal health care and repeal Medicare Part D and place the drug benefit in Medicare Part B covering 80% of drugs with no extra premiums, no extra deductibles, no means tests, no coverage gaps, and remove the means test for Medicare Part B and until that happens, you won't buy ANYTHING from Rite Aid.

Call GOP contributor Wendy's restaurants at 614 764-3553 and Tell the person in public relations that you want their CEO to get the GOP to help enact a $10/HR MIN. WAGE into law and until this happens you will not go to a Wendy's Restaurant.

3:40 PM  
Blogger John said...

You are all just a bunch of clowns. Frankly I suspect that you would hang out those saggy bags for no reason at all but mask your need to show those deflated and wrinkled breasts by justifying it as a protest.

Keep those downward pointing, past their prime, excuses for breasts covered and tell your hideous dudes keep their tiny wart covered peckers under wraps.

10:53 AM  
Blogger JimPreston said...

It was an honor to sing and march with you and Sheba last Saturday !! I look forward to seeing you both again soon.
jim (from Code Pink)

1:55 PM  
Blogger SGlaser said...

John, your logic is strange. The idea that we have some sort of unfullfilled need to show our breasts as some kind of stunt to to get our jollies, or please you and take care of your sexually predatory and judgemental nature is odd. This is not a youth or beauty contest. We are trying to bring attention to a dire situation. We certainly got your attention. You response is at best immature at worst mysogynist. I would also assure you that they are not excuses for breasts, they are the real thing. Ones that have nursed babies and comforted lovers. Yes, The real thing. Perhaps as you age your body will retain it's youthful prowess, but more than likely you will grow old and hopefully you will enjoy and use your body respectfully and lovingly. The main reason we bare our breasts is to protest the indeceny of war and a terrible waste of money and resources and not to mention human beings. I can only hope your outrage can be re- directed at those nasty behaviors.
As far as the "dudes" you refer to, we have no dudes showing their genitals at our protests. There was one time, in Berkeley when I joined a totally nude peace group to march through town, but that was the last time. We don't want to associate ourselves with pricks, large or small. We do appreciate when men bare there breasts in solidarity with us, but we stop them there. The nude protest that you refer to was almost three years ago, so get over it and get on with it.
So, how do you feel about the war in Iraq and the possibility of War in Iran? What do you think about War profiteering from companies like Exxon, Halliburton and Blackwater? Where do you stand on those issues? Now that we've got your attention, I'm curious.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Femsup said...

John is the perfect symptom of a very frightened establishment.His fear of Womyn and their breast in particualr as a symbol of their Womynhood is palin for all to see.
Breasts are a symbol of nurture and peace and of Femininity all things inimical to the military industrial complex.

I hope to the Goddess you can all change things by the baring of your bold and lovely breasts.

7:11 PM  
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