Friday, September 08, 2006

Truth or Falsies

It has come to my attention that there is a mad man who has started a website with the name and he's even gone so far as to "TM" the name Breasts not Bombs. ( You cannot copyright a name or title.) I find this hilarious and somewhat disconcerting. It is offensive to the Original women of Breasts Not Bombs who have the courage to bare our breasts in places like Washington D.C. Sacramento, San Francisco, and points beyond in the name of decency and with the intention to create a culutre of nurturing instead of violence. What this creepy guy is doing in the name of B's not B's is using women for exploitation. Not only does he ask for donations through paypal, but he suggests women upload photos of their breasts for a virtual million breast march. This kind of perversion is sad to see, yet ever so prevelant on the internet. If you have the chance to go to his website, please comment as to his sick behavior and ask him to cease and desist so we can get on with the business of reclaiming power and respect for our bodies. This man even has the audacity to use my image, words and philosophies to advance his bizarre agenda. What a shame.

Now, on to Bigger and more important business. Breasts Not Bombs will be at Camp Democracy in Washington D.C. from September 18th thru the 22nd. I will be performing comedy, (with my shirt on), at the Main Tent on Tuesday the19th at noon.
We will call for dramatic street theater from there. We will be sure to remind George Bush that we are extremely passionate and dedicated to changing the course of history to Herstory before it is too late. As Mr. Bush Continues to redefine torture and treason to suit his propaganda, we will be therpe to defend the definition of decency and remind Americans what is at stake in these fragile days ahead. We join hundreds of anti-war, pro democracy groups that will be camped on the mall for three weeks. We appreciate the work of Gold Star Families for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, Vets For Peace, Code Pink, United for Peace and Justice, and others who continue the vigil and demand a better brighter future for all.

We hope to organize a beautiful demonstration the morning of the 21st, (solar eclipse and Fall equinox) as we call for Women
weeping, wailing and weaving a web of wisdom around the White House. Won't you join us?


Blogger theFATHER said...

what a shame indeed...

and what a complete misunderstanding by you. what might be called a rush to judgment.

i admire and salute you and the rest of the movement and the site ( and is one of support NOT perversion.

your libel will be disregarded. i would only hope in the future you would take the time to communicate prior to declaring war on a friend wrongly considered to be an enemy.

i would have expected more from a mother of peace.


3:42 PM  
Blogger johny radio said...

what's the truth about this?

9:06 PM  
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