Sunday, June 25, 2006

Free your mind and The Breast Will Follow

Breasts Not Bombs

We're back. After a rigorous journey east this winter to New York City to fullfill professional responsiblities doing my show Family Secrets, Breasts Not Bombs was back on the street this past Friday at the Military Recruitment Center in Oakland California at Broadway and 21st St. We were moved to go there because of the heart rendering story of a soldier named SUZANNE SWIFT who refused to return to Iraq not only because of the insanity and illegality of this war, but also because SHE WAS SEXUALLY HARASSED BY SOLDIERS AND COMMANDERS IN HER OWN UNIT. We at Breasts Not Bombs are stunned, yet not surprised by this account and the continuous reports of massacres of women and children by the hands of our own military.
We met at high noon with a group of dedicated peace activists and the core members of Breasts Not Bombs. We were also greeted by three Oakland police squad cars and plenty of Cops to go with them. I had contacted the Police department as is my usual operating procedure. This way I know they are forewarned and can do their homework with regards to our right to bare our breasts in a political demonstration.
I must say that all officers present were not only entirely respectful, but they made a special effort to see that we felt safe. When I spoke to the squad leader, he was most humble, even though I was bare breasted, he completely addressed our right to be there. He wanted to know if we felt allright. I thanked him for his concern and wondered if he could offer the same kind of protection to women on a daily basis. I also wondered if he might like to remind those in the recruitment center and those being recruited that it is the job of the miitary and the police to protect women and children, not kill them, bomb them, rape them, threaten them, massacre them or hurt them in any way. He kind of chuckled, but I think he saw the logic in my request.
Once again Breasts Not Bombs spoke to the outrageous indecencies from the force feedings and Suicides at Guantanamo Bay to the Massacres at Ishaqi and Haditha. The indecencies go on and on.
The Oakland Tribune showed and took hundreds of Photos, There was no mention of the demonstration the next day.
The Berkely Daily Planet was there. We'll see if they print it.

We are planning to be at the SF corporate offices of Bechtel This coming Friday at noon, We intend to target the profiteers. I mean, I ask you,
If we're spending hundreds of millions of dollars on this war, who's geting rich? I must say...The profits are indecent.


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