Monday, October 10, 2005

Ashland Ashland, We All Stand Up

This last weekend Breasts Not Bombs made their debut in Southern Oregon in the beautiful town square in Ashland. Media was present and so were many tourists wondering through the extremely quaint, friendly shops and bistros. We were joined by two beautiful local women and three others that drove all the way from Williams. We continue our educational work in handing out the Bill of Rights and taking back the definition of the word DECENCY. I must say it was a gorgeous action. Many were definitely entertained by our clever display and I even saw some women crying in the crowd when I myself was brought to tears in expressing our deep compassion and solidarity with people who are suffering through the indecencies of the Bush administration and the Multinational corporations who continue to rape and pillage the whole world.
The local newspaper covered us in the Sunday edition of the Mail Tribune. They did us great justice with a Front page flag photo, a local section flag photo and a big article in the local section with a picture. The article had great quotes and what appeared to be an objective reporter. I must also say the feeling of stanind there in our power is extraordinary and so ordinary at the same time. The feeling of power when the local police had to stand eye level with my breast and ask me ever so politely to stop using the bullhorn because I did not have a permit for sound was sublime. So strange, so simple. He showed great respect as I showed him as well.
Blessed be the mothers.
Stay tuned for the next Breasts Not Bombs coming to a town square near you.


Blogger Maitreya said...

I do think you should hold a demo in Grants Pass, right outside the offices of that right wing, woman-hating preacher Roy Masters and his so called Foundation of Human Understanding.

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