Thursday, December 15, 2005

Breast in Peace

I have been recently appraised that the photo of a member of Breasts Not Bombs on the website is causing quite a bit of controversy and has found itself the subject of a Blog by Ms. Mariah Wind. I invite Ms. Wind to first consider what the breasts symbolize. It is life itself. It is the source of sustanance for every baby born. It is even true for every mammal born on this earth. It is the essence of the connection between mother and child. Who is not better off because she nursed at her mother's breast? Have you ever seen an infant gazing up to her mothers eyes as she suckles? Inifinite joy, relief, beauty. How can baring one's breast be wrong? Why is the sight of it so depressing, so scandalous, so insignificant in the call for peace?. What better, more common ground can one offer? Everyone has breasts. Have breasts ever hurt anyone? No. Breasts however are in great danger. They are an endangered species.
Now here's the danger. Every woman and child is at risk at this moment. Have you read the latest statistics on Breast milk and the toxins therein? Normally chock full of Vitamins, growth hormones, proteins, enzymes and antibodies our most basic nutrition is now fortified with Benzene, mercury, fungicides, flame retardants, DDT and PCB's. Then there's the outrageous epidemic of breast cancers. In fact, I just got an e-mail on a new kind that starts as what looks like a dry skin patch on the nipple, within a few months this cancer had metastisized and then killed this woman. So this action of baring our breasts is geometric in it's scope. This action is not just because of the war in Iraq. It is an action regarding the War against the World and the families living in it. It really is a world war. Look at the condition of our soil, our water, our air, our bodies. How much more man made, profit based death will we tolerate? Global warming anyone? We are facing an enormous crisis of our very existence and we at Breasts not Bombs, want to amplify the urgency. We are willing to disrobe to bring this to everyone's attention. If you all cannot see the depth of our message, then you have been blinded by the puritanical and industrialized society that seems to have us all bound in some fabricated definitions of what is good, in other words, what is decent and what is not.
The concern that somehow our breasts will obstruct some possibly tilting centrists from joining the peace movement is absurd. "Well gosh, if they're gonna go and show their breasts then I'm sticking with permanent war, torture and unchecked corruption". I mean seriously. In the simple act of baring our breasts we have caused a dialogue of great importance. Feminists who think we are foolish, silly, even embarrassing, are forgeting the power of Lysistrata, of Lady Godiva, of the Grandmothers in Nigeria. We offer that we are truly feminists. We do not consider the act of disrobing diminishing to our cause in any way. We are using a physical nature, our natural power to bring change, to bring revolution. For us it is a great act of courage. It is so because we are subject to all your judgements and criticisms.We get it from the far right, the police, and now we're getting it from the "Left" or the so called "Peace movement"So I must ask you dear members, what is peace?
Peace is the freedom to stand bare breasted in the world and feel safe. Peace is the safety of our children when they sleep in their beds, when they rise in the morning, and all day long. Peace is abundance. Peace is understanding and open mindedness. Peace is taking care of each other. Peace is kindness and humility. Peace is laughter and joy. We believe that our breasts offer and symbolize all that.
Some of the statements and accusations on this blog feel like acts of war against us. We live in a culture that was nurtured on war in lieu of the breast. We have very little language that even allows us to disagree without destroying each other's credibility. We appreciate the inspiring story of Lady Godiva and the responses that echo values of cooperation, appreciation, gratitude, support, wonder, cooperation, common values. Things like "Wow, a creative, non-violent response to the world crisis. Good Luck." or "Perhaps you are on to something." or "We pray for your safety." Those are words of peace. Those ideals are what the peace movement needs. You speak of something to unite us all. What better than flesh and bone? What else do we have in common really? Well, our emotions stand out, like the fact that we are all grieving the unessesary loss of life. Perhaps we have in common our rage against the lies and corruption we are spoon fed daily. Perhaps we are all afraid of the gathering threat of facism. What symbol could we use to represent our common vulnerability? I ask you this? Our answer; Breasts Not Bombs.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Decent thing to do...

Well folks...We've had a day in court and here's the decision of the D.A.

Lt. Allen settlement
California Highway Patrol
1801 - 9th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

suspect Sherry Glaser
suspect Renee Love

Dear Lt. Stallman:

This concerns the above cases, submitted to our office for prosecution. In the course of a political demonstration on the grounds of the State Capitol, both suspects completely exposed their breasts. They were arrested for violating Penal Code section 314 (indecent exposure), 647(a) (lewd act in a public place), and Government Code section 14685 (violation of CHP regulation on state property).

Both section 314 and section 647(a) require a sexual intent. Nudity without sexual intent does not violate these statutes. See Robins v. County of Los Angeles (1966) 248 Cal.App.2d 1, at 10-11; Barrows v. Municipal Court of Los Angeles (1970) 1 Cal.3d 821; Boreta Enterprises v. Department of Alcholic Beverage Control (1970) 2 Cal.3d 85, at 99; In re Smith (1972) 7 Cal.3d 362, at 366; Pryor v. Municipal Court of Los Angeles (1979) 25 Cal.3d 238, at 255-57; In re Dallas W. (2000) 85 Cal.App.4th 937. The conduct here clearly had a political, not a sexual, intent.

As to Government Code section 14685, no CHP regulation for the use of state property prohibits mere nudity. The permit for the demonstration was sought and granted in the name of the organization "Breasts Not Bombs." The officer who granted the permit discussed breast exposure with the permit applicant, and the permit itself refers to "any person who exposes private parts," but both the pre-permit discussion and the written permit expressly referred to violations of sections 314 and 647(a). Since the conduct here did not violate those statutes, we do not believe a jury would conclude the applicant either mislead the officer who issued the permit, or violated the terms of the permit.

Under the circumstances, we will file no criminal charges in this matter.

Sincerely yours,


It's fascinating to be called a suspect. There are thousands of cyber photos and full newsreels that show that we are certainly the ones that disrobed that fateful Monday on the Capitol steps. However, "suspects" does connote that we are criminals. We are not. This decision is as plain as the aureole on my breast. I must say Ms. Love and I are relieved of our defendant status in Criminal court. We much prefer being plaintiffs. I find the decision of the D.A. inspiring. In the last parargraph the FACT "no CHP regulation for the use of state property prohibits mere nudity" I suppose that means that we should return to the scene of the "alleged crime" and finish what we were saying. We'll keep you abreast of that plan.

Meanwhile, and more importantly, we are still being subjected to the obscene, lewd, and illegal actions of this deranged administration. The nebulous meanderings of George Bush in his latest diatribes are sickening. Condi Rice basically admitting that we do have secret detention centers all through Europe, not only admitting but defending the need for it is INDECENT! The continued horrors that go on in Louisiana, indecent! Extraordinary renditions, Obscene! Dick Cheney going to a fund raiser for Tom Delay!! Indecent! Another state sponsored execution in California (Doesn't the 8th amendment protect against cruel and unusual punishment?) Obscene!
How many dead U.S. soldiers are there now? When we went to the Capitol it was around 2000, now it's over 2100, Obscene! Now, families are fleeing from Ramadi and another American offensive is launched, Indecent! The U.S. rejects the Montreal agreement to curb global warming! Obscene. God!! If feels like the Bush administration is trying to kill us all. Can we sue them for reckless endangering? For attempted murder? When will the American Public rise up and freak out???? Is everyone just too damn busy Christmas shopping????

The sorrow is unbearable, the perpetual warmongering and violence will soon be the death of us all. Among the amazing support that Breasts Not Bombs is receiving there are still those who criticize our "hairy armpits, saggy breasts and big bellys" Perhaps when we get over the beauty contest mentality we'll realize that we are all at risk. We will realize that we are all in the same boat and it is sinking oh, so quickly. We believe if women rose up and stood together against war with our bodies and souls, and spirits there may be a chance for survival. Any body got a better idea? For God's sake, do something, let us know...Make a noise! Make a joyful, disobedient noise and let the world know that we are Decent here in America and we are being held hostage by madness, apathy, and corruption beyond anyone's imagination. I beg you.

I pray these Holy days find you all safe and grateful for the blessings we so often take for granted.
Peace on Earth
See you in the streets!