Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Breast Is Yet To Come

Our trip to D.C. was mighty satisfying. Although our action at the White House was delayed until Friday we had a very good experience. We were joined by some very courageous Code Pink Women who had been extremely busy the past week reminding the Senate and the House of their responsibilities to uphold the Constitution, hold High Placed officials responsible for the carnage and destruction of Iraq and provide for the vulnerable people in the United States. It's not an easy job for Code Pink, but somebody's got to do it. Friday, about 2pm 5 Code Pink sisters and Sheba and I showed up in Lafayette Park and got a good place in the shade (It was about 80 degrees and very muggy) We got out our banners and signs and I got on the soapbox and began speaking about the Warmongers run amok. We took off our shirts. At first the Code Pink Women were shy to disrobe, but something came over them and soon they were bare breasted as well. We stood in protest and handed out our literature which includes an explanation of our action and a copy of The Bill of Rights. There were a good number of tourists and for a while they had their backs to the White House and Cameras on us. The Capitol Police stopped by and asked me to get off the Soapbox for a minute. I assume it was because the officer was eye level with my nipple and that just was too much. I proceeded to have a conversation with him, still bare breasted, as he confirmed my LEGAL RIGHT, to demonstrate in this manner. He was concerned about the contents of our Soapbox, so he did a quick sweep of the contents and then left us to protest.
Many passersby were supportive and actually tickled by our presence. There were a lot of smiles and thumbs up and of course there were those who were offended, but didn't stop long enough to have a conversation and find common ground. I notice that those who agree with us stay and talk, those who don't run off, cursing or yelling as they go. I also have noticed that those who flash a peace sign at any of our demonstrations are usually smiling, but the one's who give us the finger are mostly miserable. I wonder if there is a correlation.
After about an hour. We were ready to close up shop, when the major media appeared.
Funny, we hadn't sent out a press release, but Fox, CNN, AP and Reuters all were present. Gosh, I wonder what brought them out???
We spoke for a while with reporters. All the women from Code Pink were eloquent in there representation.
The next day was the Troops out Now March around the Capitol. Again Sheba and I exercised our right to Bare Breasts and walked with about 2,000 people to bring attention to the OUTRAGEOUS INDECENCIES OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION. We have created a much stronger network of women willing to go to this NON-Violent extreme to make our voices heard. So we will be back in Washington real soon.

Tomorrow...October 3rd we will be speaking with Gary Lewis from the Ebony and Ivory Show broadcast out of New York City to discuss our tactics and reasons for making this highly controversial stand. Tune in between 2 and 5PM East Coast Time

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